Happy Family singing karaoke togetherKaraoke is a great source of entertainment for any party or gathering. Nothing brings people together like group activities. Karaoke can be a big production, or simply a family activity to bring everyone together. In the market today, there are extravagant commercial karaoke music system and they even making for kids.

Focusing on the karaoke player for kids, these machines are a great way to get everyone interacting with one another for any occasion. Having a karaoke party for your child can be a great experience for you and your family. Music pulls your child away from the distractions that modern technology can present, such as video games and computer activities. Singing gives your child the opportunity to express themselves through verbal art!

Benefits of Having a Kids Karaoke Machine

Karaoke machines are very user friendly, especially if you buy one that’s made for a kid. It’s usually just a simple plug and play. Not only do you not have to worry about your children being able to use it, you also don’t have to worry about your child getting into trouble with violent video games or inappropriate content on the Internet.

Having a karaoke machine for kids will help them express their creativity through art. Studies have shown that children are more likely to excel in school if they have some sort of musical background. Karaoke is a great way to get your child on the right path.

Karaoke for Children in Today’s World

Karaoke is very marketable in today’s world. Not only can you find just about every song ever created in karaoke format, but you can also find children’s songs in karaoke format as well. Whether you’re looking for good old-fashioned children’s songs or contemporary songs that have been edited for your child, you will be able to find it. Companies nationwide are taking popular songs and having them rearranged by children. This gives your child a chance to see along to songs, knowing that the kids singing with them are around the same age.

Children need a conducive environment for growing up that best compliments their innate capabilities. In order to ensure optimal learning, parents should get their kids involved in extracurricular activities that help inculcate a sense of creativity in children. For children who seem to have a flair for singing, their parents could get them a kid’s singing machine to inculcate a sense of singing in them. The karaoke systems that are produced today are highly user friendly that makes it really easy for children to operate theses music systems.

Buying the Best Karaoke Machines for Kids

Singing can be fun and engaging activity for kids. Many children love to sing, and karaoke provides them with a way to see the words to their favorite songs while they sing along. When buying a karaoke machine for your children, there are a few important things to consider, including available songs, ease of use, durability and price.

Available Songs

When purchasing a music system for kids, it is important to know what the available song options are. Some machines come preloaded with certain songs that cannot be changed or updated. With these types of players, you are stuck with what is on the machine. If you purchase this kind of machine, you need to make sure your children like the preloaded songs and are willing to sing them.

Some players allow you to add songs by inserting CDs or uploading files. These players are more versatile and offer your child a larger selection of songs to sing. The drawbacks are that CDs can be expensive to purchase, take up a lot of physical storage space, and can be damaged.

Songs uploaded electronically can be cheaper, but there might be compatibility problems depending on the software installed on the machine. However, with digitally purchased songs, you don’t have to buy an entire album; you can choose which songs to buy, ensuring your child only gets the music they want.

Ease of Use

When purchasing music system for little ones, how easy the system is to use is a very important consideration. It is true that children can easily learn how to work the tool, but the more complicated it is, the more trouble your child will potentially have making it work.

Plug and play systems are the easiest to use, as they only need plugged into a power source to be used. Plug and play systems are probably the best option for children, especially younger ones.

Other options include Component Machines. These plug into an audio/video system and can be quite complicated to set up and use. In addition, they are not very portable.

There is also software that will turn your computer into a karaoke music system. If you trust your children with your computer, this might be a good option because it does not require a large monetary investment for the software, and you can play all the songs in your music library through the karaoke software. This software varies in its usability, as some programs are highly intuitive and easy to work with, while others are not.

Price and Durability

If you are buying a karaoke machine for your children, chances are you want something that is not too expensive, but that is also highly durable. Children tend to break things, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that will break the first time someone throws something at it.

For price and durability, plug and play systems are probably your best bet. They are not too expensive, and they will not break after only taking a little bit of abuse.

In Conclusion

Many types of karaoke machines are available, so it should not be too hard to find one that will suit your child’s wants and needs. If they are old enough, maybe you can even let them choose between two or three options. They will love being a part of the shopping process and you’ll be sure they receive a karaoke machine they’ll actually use.

Featured Karaoke Machine for Kids

Here are some featured kids karaoke machine that we have reviewed:

Kids Portable Sing Along CD Player with 2 MicrophonesKids Sing along Portable Player
Designed for five years upwards children love this portable Kids Karaoke Machine. It is an easy to use CD player which comes with two microphones and is very rugged and shock-absorbing so will withstand knocks. It has many features like stop, pause, search. It is very light to carry around but sturdy enough to stop kids knocking them over too easily.Full Review
Monster High portable karaokeMonster high Pink (68148)
Sakar intl monster high karaoke machine have all the common features that any user can ask for. CD+G graphics player with 5” monitor is the perfect combination for portable use. Advanced AVC with enhanced vocal effects, 20 track programmable memory and built-in speaker allow anyone to sing along. Full Review
Hello Kitty Karaoke MachineHello kitty
Any kid can have a great time with hello kitty karaoke machine. There are five different pattern karaoke machines available from Sarak Intl (Disco, Mini, Sign along, Ising, Pink/White). Before buy check which model you are ordering. Most of them are CD+G compatible so you can read lyrics on the screen. Full Review
Memorex Portable karaoke machineMemorex portable
For all advanced features like CD+G and programmable CD memory, Memorex portable karaoke machine is a good choice for any age. Small size and built-in handle gives the opportunity to take it anywhere. With RCA output one can easily connect this machine to TV or home theater, and two microphone input gives the opportunity to rocking out with friends or family members. Full Review
Electrohome EAKAR535 karaoke machineElectrohome portable
Electrohome portable karaoke machine is a stylish karaoke system with built in LCD monitor. Digital echo control and adjustable digital key control makes it stand out from any other similar karaoke machines. It is compatible with CD, CD+G, CD+RW or also can play MP3 or MP3G through its USB input. You can have your concert anywhere with this portable built-in high performance speaker karaoke system. Full Review
Akai KS201 CDG karaoke system Akai karaoke system
There is no alternative of karaoke to get a party going. All we need to have a perfect karaoke system. Akai karaoke system features audio/video output with auto voice control. High performance speaker with balance and echo control makes it perfect for any singer to sing along. Blinking light effects gives a more real environment like a disco. And when no one is signing you can turn on its built-in AM/FM radio. Full Review
Singing machine SML 329PSinging Machine SML329P
Portable lightshow the Singing Machine SML329P CD+G Karaoke Player features auto voice control and echo control to make sure that you sound the best. Vertical CD+G player with two digit display helps to choose the right track. Built-in speaker with disco light effect makes it possible to have a party anywhere you want. Full Review
Hello Kitty KT2007Hello Kitty Kt2007 CDG
Hello Kitty Kt2007 CDG especially designed for young kids. It has built-in video camera so that kids can watch them dancing and singing on TV screen. Two microphone input for group activities. Auto voice control and echo control with twin speakers make any kid sound great. Audio line in jack made it possible to connect iPod, MP3, or Digital Audio Devices.Full Review
Batbie kids karaoke machineBarbie karaoke machine
Dazzling light effects with built-in speakers gives Barbie karaoke machine a pure Barbie style. Place a CD or CD+G, plugin the microphone and you are ready to rock as long as you want. A second microphone is available to duet with friends or family members. Auto voice control and advance echo control are ready to give your voice an extra shine. Portable with battery support makes it possible to bring your live concert anywhere.Full Review
Fisher Price music playerFisher-Price Music player
Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Music player specifically designed for preschoolers. With simple controls and built-in kid-tough makes it survive drop after drop. That does not mean it lacks the basic option of any karaoke machine. High quality speakers plus sing-along microphone with LCD screen, any kid will love it. This music player is compatible with most music format and easy to transfer from computer (PC and MAC). Up to four hours of music storage capability makes it stand alone. Full Review

Kids Karaoke Machine Overview


Apart from the primary benefit of a karaoke machine which is to provide entertainment to children, there are a host of benefits associated with a karaoke music system. Foremost of them is the fact that it helps in honing the singing skills of children

A karaoke machine can also be used to have some quality family time. This in turn helps in inculcating family values in children and has a positive effect on the child’s personality. In case children are alone or their house lacks a proper playing environment, singing with the karaoke machine can serve as an ideal alternate pass time. This also helps children in keeping busy and not remaining alone.

Loneliness among children could lead to a plethora of developmental problems. Moreover, the prices at which karaoke machines for kids are available are within the reach of almost every one which makes it a great value for their money. If you like to read more discussion please visit our karaoke machine for kids articles section.


There are several different types of karaoke machine for kids that individuals can purchase for their kids. Different karaoke machine comes with different set of features and functionality, so buyers have the option of selecting as per their requirements.

Basically all of them play musical track without offering lead vocal but offer lyrics on monitor. In general, every karaoke is designed to offer excellent singing experience to the users and the major difference between each karaoke will be based on their display, sound quality, hardware/software provided, speaker performance, and so on. Our reviews may be able to find the right machine for you.

Online Store

Today, more and more people are opting for shopping online, mainly because of the ease and convenience which is accompanied by this option. For instance, people can shop and get what they want by just a few clicks without giving up the comfort of their homes or offices. Also, people get a chance to buy karaoke machines from brands that are not available in the nearby stores or shops.

Even the international brands are available to an online portal. Most trusted online shopping stores are Target, Toys r us, Best buy, Amazon, Walmart. As far as the prices go they are highly affordable and sometimes even lesser than those prevailing in the market.

Sometimes, people can even use readily available discount coupons to get attractive discounts on these kids karaoke machine. Lastly, the timely delivery of these machines that too at free of cost makes this option all the more convenient. If you are searching one for your kid, you may be able to find one in our online store.