A full featured Multi-functioned ISM-370 Karaoke System

Singing Machine ISM-370 Multi-Function Karaoke System with iPod Docking

Product Name: ISM-370 Multi-Function Karaoke System
Brand: Singing Machine
Model: iSM-370
Weight: 11.4 pounds
Dimensions: 9.8″D 16.5″W 10.2″H
Color: Black
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Updated:October 12, 2014.


ISM-370 Multi-Function unassuming little Black box hides some serious music power. It will be the centerpiece to any party or Karaoke sleep-over with your friends, singing imagining you’re the star on stage in front of your fans is one of the most fun things you to do in the evening or on weekends. Any age child can use the Singing Machine being one of the best party machines around that.

Any Karaoke party you are planning nowadays usually has to have music and when you have music singing and dancing comes next. Karaoke is one of the most popular entertainments around and now with the worldwide excitement, ignited by the TV Show “The Voice” along with the instant exposure that it gives to its contestants. Many of whom are teens and kids just like you that practice hours sing Karaoke using machines.

This versatile machine helps you become a better singer. with its ability to help you work on the Range of your singing voice, the Pacing of your singing, and to help you develop a sense of Rhythm. This makes the ISM-370 Singing machine the perfect Child product for fun parties, just right for an exciting night singing with your friends or for those children and teens who want to take their singing a little more seriously.

The Singing Machine fits in at birthday parties, holiday’s events, and any other fun filled family happening. You drop in your CD or music videos CDG disk into the player/changer and you’re are ready to sing with your favorite music videos, or you can just plug-in your iPod and you are ready to groove to all your Favs. Have Karaoke contests with your friends, just attach the Singing Machine to any wide Flat-screens or Plasma, to hear and sing along with your favorite Music Video Stars.

Product Features

This is one of the best Home Karaoke systems for kids on the market today and no wonder with all of the features it has to offer.

  • Connects to almost any iPod music device out there starting with the 3G, 5G up to the iPod Nano with all their different gigabyte sized capacities filled to the brim with music for you to enjoy (* see chart below)
  • High Quality CD/CDG Changer-Player
  • The Multiplex – lets you separate vocals out of your favorite songs so you can sing to them.
  • AVC(Audio Voice Handle)Is a fantastic feature that lets you learn new songs and practice them to perfection
  • Echo and special effect are included to ramp up the excitement at parties.
  • Video output that fits any type of TV/Video Screen
  • Audio out to send luscious sound to your favorite sound system
  • Plastic iPod Adapters, mount the iPod of your choice to the top of the unit
  • One handheld microphone
  • Sampler of Karaoke tunes for you to get started
  • Remote Control
  • RCA Cables
  • Comes with AC adapter

IPod Models supported:

  • (40GB) 4G iPod
  • (20GB) 4G iPod & U2 iPod
  • (4GB & 6GB) iPod mini
  • (4GB & 8GB) iPod Nano 2nd-Generation
  • (2GB & 4GB) iPod Nano
  • (20GB & 30GB) iPod Photo & Color U2 iPod
  • (40GB & 60GB) iPod Photo
  • (60GB & 80GB) 5G iPod video
  • (30GB) 5G iPod & U2 iPod video
  • (10GB, 15GB, 20GB, 30GB & 40GB) 3G iPod


Karaoke is an exciting way to have an evening with your friends and family. Parties, and Holiday events are no longer dreary boring effects that have to be endured by siblings and their peers, while other children and teens are using the Singing Machine to gain new skills and developing themselves better be able to enter contests and singing events for fun and prizes.

Who knows maybe it could be the start of an exciting career in the Entertainment Industry. Just remember you can still Sing Karaoke just to enjoy singing and having fun at parties.