Akai Karaoke: A Unique Twist on Singing

Subject: Akai Karaoke Machine
Brand: Akai Karaoke
Multiple akai karaoke machinesThere are a lot of karaoke brands out there, but none of them quite match Akai Karaoke in the aspect of presentation.

Combine a beautiful presentation with top-of-the-line audio capabilities and you have karaoke machines that excel in all areas.

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Why presentation is incredibly important

Let’s imagine that you’re buying a gym membership. At their roots, all gyms are basically the same. They all have cardio equipment, weight machines, and free weights to do exercises like squats and deadlifts.

So, what makes you choose one gym over the other if they’re all priced similarly? The answer: presentation.

Presentation makes us humans feel certain ways. Ever purchased a Fiji water? Like gyms, all water is basically the same. But the presentation of Fiji – the design of the bottle, how it feels in your hand, etc. – make us feel better about paying more for Fiji.

It’s the same thing with karaoke machines. When you sing karaoke, you’re usually not just looking to sing along with a song. If you wanted to just do that, then you could turn your speakers up and start bellowing into the air without a microphone.

It’s the presentation that appeals to us.

With a good karaoke machine, you feel not just as though you’re singing – you feel like you’re performing. The microphone feels sturdy in your hand, the sound quality sounds magnificent, and the lighting makes you feel like you’re actually performing on a stage.

Akai Karaoke recognizes our inherent want to feel like we’re performing. All of their products look professional-grade without the price tag to match it.

Let’s take a look at some of their products.

#1 – Akai KS-213 CD+G Karaoke Player with iPad Cradle
Akai KS-213 product image
If you own any sort of Bluetooth speaker, then you’re probably familiar with the design of the KS-213 by Akai Karaoke. It’s build with two speakers on the outside, a speaker on the bottom in the center portion, and the controls on the top part of the center portion.

The cool thing about this version is it has a dock for your iPad. When you dock it, the iPad is synced with the karaoke player so that the lyrics flash onto the screen as you sing. Pretty cool!

The problem with a lot of other karaoke machines is that they only have a dock for your iPhone. That works if you just want to hook up your music, but reading lyrics off of a smartphone – especially when two people are singing at once – is nearly impossible. It takes away from the whole karaoke experience.
As the leaders in the karaoke “experience”, Akai allows you to really get into it. You can keep it stationary by plugging it into the wall, or, if you want to use it somewhere without a power source, (in the car or outside) you can also put some batteries in.

This system has all the basic features you’d expect from a karaoke system – video/audio controls, two microphone jacks, etc. However, it also includes a “lightning” iPad jack – this means that it’ll charge your iPad incredibly quickly even when it’s actively displaying lyrics on-screen.

Click here to check it out. It’s almost $60, which is a little bit more than other, similar machines, but at the same time the “feel” you get from it is much more professional.

#2 – Akai KS808 CD+G Karaoke System with Speaker Pedestal
Akai KS-808 product image
Imagine you’re at a country music concert. What does the singer look like? Chances are, he or she is standing up in front of the microphone singing.

That’s the exact vibe that the KS808 from Akai Karaoke is trying to give off. It’s a full stand (adjustable depending on your height) that combines a real “singing” experience with the karaoke experience.

There’s a screen next to the microphone where lyrics appear – you can also connect it to a TV if you’d rather see them on a bigger screen.

Aside from how it’s built, it just looks the part. The finish is a glossy black. The volume control is back-lit with a big dial so when you turn the volume up or down you have complete control. The display screen is fully colored, and all of the wires are hidden and out of sight.

This machine is best for someone who wants to sing karaoke and legitimately get better at singing at the same time. If you’re just looking to mess around with friends, then you might want to go with #1 – it’s cheaper, and it has two microphone inputs for duets.

For those who are real singers, check this one out. It gives you the full experience for significantly less than if you tried to create a similar product on your own.

#3 – Akai KS201 CDG Karaoke Player
Akai KS201 product image
Finally, if you’re looking for just the bare necessities, then Akai offers a cheaper, smaller version of #1 for right around $40. It’s perfect for young kids or those who are just starting out – in fact, many of the reviews on Amazon mention kids and beginners directly.

This version allows you to feel cool singing karaoke without the high price tag. Is the sound quality going to be as good as a more expensive model? Probably not, but it’s still good enough to satisfy everyone besides the true audiophiles.

Something to note about this version is that it’s extremely durable. Akai recognizes that there are (basically) two types of karaoke singers – those who care a lot about it, and those who just want to mess around.

The people messing around are going to be a lot more prone to breaking the machine, so Akai puts extra emphasis on not letting it break. On the more expensive models, they put most of the effort into the look and feel of the machine. (They assume people serious about singing won’t be beating up the machine, you know?)

Overall, get this one is you have young kids or are just starting out. It’ll give you days of fun for a relatively cheap price.

The perfect mix of presentation, durability, and audio

Many karaoke manufacturers do one thing really well, but fall short on the rest. Some make their machines ridiculously sturdy to cater to young kids, but the sound quality just isn’t there. Some make systems that sound sublime, but they come with a high price tag.

Akai Karaoke mixes all of these elements together into a perfect blend. Their machines are cheap, but not so cheap that you question the quality. Their machines will hold up bumps and scratches, but they’re not sacrificing sound quality to make them bulletproof, either.

It’s all about balance, and Akai Karaoke does it effortlessly. A lot of tinkering has gone into each and every karaoke system that they produce.

Take a look at the product reviews of each one mentioned above by clicking the links. You’ll be able to see the experiences of other singers – at least one of them is probably in a similar situation as you.

Good luck, and happy singing!


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