Barbie Karaoke: Get It, or Pass?

Subject: Barbie Karaoke Machine
Brand: Barbie Karaoke
Barbie Karaoke ProductsIf you have a little girl, then chances are, she’s into Barbie. In fact, Barbie has well over 12 million likes on Facebook… girls love Barbie. Enough said.

Barbie in its truest form is a doll that you can dress up with different pieces of clothing. However, in recent years, they have expanded to a whole line of new products, including something called Barbie Karaoke.

What on earth is Barbie Karaoke?

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It’s a karaoke system.

But, it’s also so much more.

Guys – remember as a child when your parents would bring you home Mega Blocks instead of Lego?

When girls don’t get Barbie, they feel like they have an inferior item. Girls, I don’t even have to give you an example – you already know what it’s like to receive a “knock off” of Barbie.

It’s not necessarily fair to parents – in fact, you might buy them a better karaoke system, but if it’s not Barbie Karaoke specifically, then they won’t like it.

The good things about the system

Barbie Karaoke Front view
Girls love it.

When it’s turned on, you’ll see a myriad of girly, flashing lights dancing around the system. The user is greeted with the classic Barbie voice telling them to rock on.

Super easy to use!

Can children rock on with expensive stereo equipment? Although this generation is much more tech-savvy than we were at that age, they still might not be able to master a complicated Bose karaoke system.

That’s where the Barbie Karaoke shines. It’s ridiculously easy to use, even for toddlers. There are only a couple of dials and knobs on it. Sure, you might have to explain what they do if your kid is really young, but once they learn it once, they’ll be able to use it themselves forever.

In fact, most of the reviewers on agree that one of the main features is how easy it is to use. To see all of the reviews, click here.

This gives them a sense of independence – just make sure to stress that they should not turn the volume up when you’re trying to relax!

Two microphone connections

Singing is a social activity. When kids sing in school, they’re always singing in harmony in their music classes. Barbie Karaoke allows them to take this sense of unity back to your home.

Your girl and her friend can sing a duet as long as you buy another microphone. The microphone jack is a standard auxiliary one, so if you happen to have another microphone lying around the house, you can just use that without having to spend any more money.

Different modes for different times of the day
Barbie Karaoke side view
Barbie Karaoke comes with two different modes – the CD mode, and the plain voice mode.

The plain voice mode is pretty self-explanatory. If your kid likes to make up her own songs, then this will be perfect for her. It allows her to feel like a real singer with a microphone even when she’s just fooling around.

CD mode is good if your girl has those songs that she just loves and has to sing along with. Remember Call Me Maybe? How about Royals? Both of those songs were huge hits with the younger crowd. Instead of just bellowing out next to a speaker, she can feel like she’s the one singing them!

You can even put some instrumentals on a CD so that she can sing the lyrics without having to compete with the original singer.

The TV Mode
Sometimes, you’ll want your kid to be off by herself singing. Other times, though, it might be a family event.
With Barbie Karaoke, you can hook it up directly to the TV. You’ll be able to see the notes coming at you in real time. This is great for parents who want to sing along with their kids, but who aren’t up to date on the most popular songs. (And who can blame them? Music today is nothing like music when we were growing up.)

Why You Maybe Shouldn’t Buy Barbie Karaoke

A good overall rating, but a few terrible ones

If you check it out on Amazon, then you’ll see that Barbie Karaoke has an overall rating of four stars.
That’s not bad.

However, you might want to take a look the five 1-star reviews and the two 2-star reviews. I won’t say exactly what they are, but they’re not appealing in the slightest.

Keep in mind that a lot of awesome products have bad reviews on Amazon, though. You need to make your own judgment as to whether the low ratings were justified or not.

It’s kinda expensive

As with anything brand name, you’re going to be paying a certain price for the equipment, and then you’re going to be paying an additional fee for the name attached to it. For example, any Ralph Lauren polo will be 2-3x more expensive than its unbranded counterpart.
In this case, though, the name Barbie holds a certain importance past appearance. Little girls really do love Barbie. It’s up to you whether you want to spend the extra $30 – $40 for the Barbie name.
There is an upside to this, though. If you click on the Amazon page and look at the section called “Other people who viewed this also bought:” then you’ll see some cheap CDs with Barbie soundtracks. Without the Barbie name, buying these soundtracks might feel forced, but with the Barbie name, she feels like she really is a Barbie.

So, yes or no?

In our opinion, the Barbie Karaoke is well worth the money. Sure, it’s a little bit more expensive than other, similar ones, but, at the same time, your kid will get endless hours of entertainment out of pretending that she’s a Barbie.
Karaoke systems in general can be fun, but if you really want to “wow” your little singer with a gift that fits all occasions, then the Barbie Karaoke system is a great choice.
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