Hello Kitty Karaoke: Fun Without Even Trying

Subject: Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine
Brand: Hello Kitty Karaoke
Hello Kitty Karaoke productsParents buying karaoke systems for boys – turn back now.

Parents buying karaoke systems for girls – keep reading.

Hello Kitty is in the same league as Twilight and Barbie when it comes to younger girls. They love it.

And it seems like Hello Kitty has no end to their line of products. Backpacks. Clothing. Toys. You name it, they’re making it.

They also happen to make karaoke systems.

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The instant appeal of Hello Kitty Karaoke

As parents, we always want to buy the best for our kids. We won’t let them go to school in dirty clothes or without a proper lunch packed.

Kids don’t always like “the best”, though. In fact, the best usually isn’t what they want – while an adult might see a salad as nutritious and delicious, most kids see salads as pointless and revolting.

The same holds true for karaoke systems.

You can get your girl a top-of-the-line, $500 karaoke system with all of the best stuff. And you know what? She might still hate it for some arbitrary reason, like the fact that it’s gray instead of pink.

Hello Kitty solves all of those problems. Buying a karaoke system from them allows you to get your girl a high-quality system and have it appeal to her tastes at the same time.

Systems available

Hello Kitty offers a few different purchasing options depending on how far you want to go.

The basic system
Hello Kitty Sing-a-Long Karaoke
If you’re just looking for a music player with a microphone, then you will want to get the basic sing-a-long version. It’s just that – a girly, portable music system that supports singing.

It’s very cheap – under $20. Check it out here.

Basic + video capture

Hello kitty karaoke with video cameraAs parents, we take pictures of our kids almost religiously. There’s no greater feeling than looking at old pictures of your child smiling.

The problem? Capturing these moments can be difficult. Kids are notorious for hating pictures.

The video capture system from Hello Kitty allows for the capture of memories. Kids can hit the record button, sing, and then watch themselves singing (with audio) as playback. You can save these files to any computer so that you have them forever.

Who knows – maybe your kid will grow up to be a famous singer. You’d want to have some memories of what they sounded like early on, right?
This version is a little bit more expensive than the bare bone one because of the video capture feature. It’s still only $70, though. Click here to view the seller that has free shipping.

Basic + video + Bluetooth
Hello Kitty Karaoke video+bluetooth
If you’re going to be using your Hello Kitty karaoke in just one place, then one of the above options might be enough – you can just keep a computer nearby.
However, if you’re on the road, then that gets a little harder. Especially if you’re passing the karaoke around to different people, the cords can get in the way and get broken.

The Bluetooth version will tack on a couple extra bucks, but, at the same time, you’ll save yourself a lot of headache. Instead of having to give up your cell phone to use the machine, you can just enable Bluetooth and keep doing what you were doing.

Extra, extra, sing all about it!

While karaoke is great, it can seem a little but unfulfilling.

Take for example a karaoke bar. When you go up to sing, there’s a mic stand, a wireless mic, a huge screen with the notes and lyrics on it, a crowd, etc.

At its core, karaoke is just singing. But it’s also about performing.

Some girls don’t even care about the singing part – they just want to feel like rock stars. The karaoke accessories from Hello Kitty can help them do exactly that.

Mic stand

How many musicians get on stage without a mic stand? I’ll answer that for you – zero.

A mic stand is part of the singing experience. Your kid can twirl it around, dance with it, or even just use it to hold the microphone.

You can get a regular mic stand for around $10. The one from HK will cost you a bit more, but, at the same time, that Hello Kitty branding is priceless. Little girls just love it.

Wireless mic

Think about a kid’s concert.

Are the performers just standing in one place? Usually, no. They’re going crazy – jumping around, giving high fives to the crowd – stuff like that.

A wireless mic will let your kid do just that. Well, you might be the only one in the crowd… but you get the picture.

A regular wired mic will restrict them a bit, but it can be a good alternative if you don’t want your kid running through the halls bellowing at the top of her lungs.

“Wait, I have two little girls!”

C’mon… you think Hello Kitty doesn’t have you covered?

They do.

To start, all of their systems come with two microphone jacks. Keep in mind that the systems themselves mostly only come with one microphone each, so you’ll have to buy a separate one, but the extras are relatively cheap.

The one that comes with two microphones is actually pretty cheap – just under $50.

You can check it out here. It’s perfect for two girls who share the same room… or two girls who just have a lot of sleepovers!
(Something to keep in mind is that the overall review for that system is two stars. While it’s cheap, the cheapness might come with a price. You can take your chances, or just purchase one of the standard units listed above and another microphone.)

Pros and Cons of Hello Kitty Karaoke

All companies have their positives and negatives. For example, Barbie is loved by girls everywhere, but a single doll will run you over $50.

Pro #1 – Durability

Hello Kitty was launched in 1974, and since then, they’ve made nothing aside from the iconic kitten toys and clothing that you see everywhere.
Obviously, when you’ve been in the industry this long, you understand that kids are reckless. Not intentionally, but a lot of kids will break things and not even realize what they’ve done.
The thing about karaoke machines is that they’re exciting. Singing your favorite song releases all kinds of emotions, and when you’re that young, you can imagine how their excitement is amplified tenfold.
Excitement means broken objects. Parents know this. Hello Kitty knows this.
Their karaoke machines are freakin’ durable. There are reviews on Amazon for ridiculous things – kids dropping them, spilling water on them, etc. – and they still hold up.

Pro #2 – Girly-ness

A lot of companies try to ride the middle line to appeal to both girls and boys. They do this by making gender-neutral toys.
These companies are great if you have both a boy and a girl who are going to be using the toy. But, if you just have a girl, then there’s nothing wrong with catering specifically to them. Or, maybe your boy hates singing.
Whatever the reason, no one’s denying that Hello Kitty stuff appeals to younger girls. If she already is rockin’ anything else Hello Kitty, then she’ll love her karaoke machine, too.

Con #1 – Price

You can find off-brand karaoke sets for slightly less than their Hello Kitty counterparts. Everything will be the same technically, except they won’t have the logo.
Kids love the logo. While it’s more expensive, it’s a good thing to pay more for.
Don’t be fooled by a salesman into buying a slightly cheaper karaoke set. We already covered that girls love everything about Hello Kitty – not just the singing aspect. They love the atmosphere that it cultivates.

Con #2 – Shipping

Purchasing from the official will add another $10 to $20 onto your order. Why? Well, for some reason, the official site charges exorbitant prices to ship a small, portable karaoke set.
Amazon gets rid of all of that fluff. If you buy one on there – you can even buy directly from Hello Kitty – then you won’t get hit with the additional shipping charge.

Hello, is it worth it?

You know your child better than anyone else. You know what she likes to eat, what she likes to wear, and what she likes to do.

If she’s more of a sporty girl who prefers baseball over princesses, then a Hello Kitty system might not be the right choice.

If she’s more of a princess girl – into dolls, cooking, etc. – then she will absolutely love the new karaoke system that you purchase for her.

Not only will she love it, but you as a parent can rest assured knowing that you’ve gotten her the best that money can buy. Hello Kitty has been around for decades, makes quality products, and can have your little girl jumping for joy with a microphone in her hand.

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