Hello Kitty 68109 CD Karaoke System with screen

Hello Kitty 68109 CD Karaoke

Product Name: Hello Kitty 68109 CD Karaoke
Brand: Hello Kitty
Model: 68109
Weight: 5 pounds
Dimensions: 11″D 13″W 16.5″H
Color: Pink/ White
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Updated:October 11, 2014.


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Hello Kitty 68109 CD Karaoke system is one of the highest selling kids karaoke machine. It comes with in-built screen for displaying only the lyrics. It’s entirely self-reliant hence no need to purchase any other karaoke system or accessory. It also features in-built speaker unit, recordings, and video camera for carrying out live performances. This system offers two vocal effects that are echo and balance control for changing nascent sound of users. It also offers 20 track memory and front loading CD player. The pink colour of Hello Kitty Karaoke system will definitely capture attention of your children especially if they are young girls. Some of the features are discussed below-:

  • Portability- the speaker unit and screen provided with this system is extremely portable. You require using six C sized batteries for making this system completely portable. Children will enjoy this petite and light player.
  • Durability- talking about its constructions, Hello Kitty Karaoke music system is somewhat rugged when compared to its competitors in both make and brand. In case you come across any complication or fault with this system, the company offers you 30 days money back guarantee. Furthermore, the customer service offered by the company is commendable wherein all your issues will be sorted out within few minutes.
  • Versatility- This karaoke machine for kids is highly versatile. It offers sufficient features for keeping children engaged for long time but it lacks ipod or auxiliary connectivity. Performance wise, this machine is best among its competitors. You can carry it anywhere you go and it allows you for duet style singing.

It comes with sufficiently clear screen for reading lyrics. It offers good sound balance in addition to voice control features. This music system features fun lights for giving a disco feel. It can be operated with 6 C batteries as well as on AC power supply. There are in-built speakers in addition to 5 inches black and white display. Buyers will get one microphone with this system but you can separately purchase a second microphone and use it for duet performances. It already includes 20 tracks in its programmable memory and users can play music using CD support that is provided.

It can be tough finding second compatible microphone. It has low battery life.

Overall, Hello kitty 68109 CD Karaoke System is light in weight as well as decent construction. It includes all ingredients for making your kid stay engaged with this system for long so that you can finish your pending tasks. This system is best for teenagers, adults, and especially for small girls, kids, and teenage girls.