Barbie karaoke machine

barbie karaoke machine

Product Name: Barbie Karaoke Machine
Brand: Barbie
Model: BB30000
Weight: 7.2 pounds
Dimensions: D 4″ W 13″ H 15″
Color: Brilliant Rose
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Updated: October 9, 2014.


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Barbie Karaoke machine for kids enables you to sing your favorite songs adopting the style of Barbie. It may depict the pinnacle of fashion and is your latest accessory of Barbie doll. One can live the fantasy of rockstar by singing your favorite tunes. This machine has 2 microphone jacks in order to share the fun with friends, and have effects of cool light, which gives it more fun. The lights in the front can make your experience, even funnier. You can simply pop your CD and dance the whole night when you don’t want to sing at all. The recommended age of Barbie karaoke machine for kids is approximately 8 years. This product was originated in China. The required batteries are 6C. This item can be shipped along with other items of your order. The shipping weight can be approx. 5.9 pounds. The kids karaoke machine has got 4 out of 5 star ratings.

You can sing along its digital music player for preschoolers. It is mostly compatible with most of the formats of digital music like .wma, .aac files from iTunes store. It has built in speakers and a sing alone microphone along with LCD screen which allows the kids to navigate their favorite songs. You can also purchase this product through some of the most popular websites of online shopping like Amazon, Ebay etc. Auto voice control along with separate microphone is also equipped with master controls of voice. These websites only deliver items to the addresses, which are verified by paypal.

You can search this machine from various online sites before actually buying one. Many websites allow you to present and find the top deals for several kinds of machines. These machines give complete reviews in one place which is easy to navigate. Few events gather all people together, especially in a funny night and crazy karaoke is singing. It is one of the great ways to bring people together and everyone has a good time. You can search all the selections in order to meet your needs of karaoke.

This singing portable machine for kids carries vertical player of CDG. It also has effects of disco light effects. It has the capability of both the facilities of video and audio. It has LED display. The jacks of microphone have good control over volume.  The Barbie Karaoke machine  is very good; it is actually a very good machine which 5 year old kids also loved to open. The pink lights are turned on and 2 disks of karaoke are available, which has Christmas songs meant for school type. It is really a quality product and warranty can also be purchased with an additional price. Children really feel very excited to get this as a birthday gift.

Singing is one of the best funny ways for the children to grow the language and music skills. It can be a group activity which brings families together. The best thing about these machines is to integrate fun, design, color and hardware quality. These things won’t break the third time after the kids drop the mike on the floor.