Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Music Player with Microphone

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Music Player

Product Name: Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Music Player
Brand: Fisher-Price
Model: T5269
Weight: 2 pounds
Dimensions: 2.6″D 8.4″W 6.9″H
Color: Pink
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Updated:October 10, 2014.


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The Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Music Player with Microphone was intended to keep in mind the toddlers. It is a kind of music player which is obtainable to jump up and carry on playing with the player even if it falls down the stairs or one throws away on the ground at the time of conniption, the music player is able to hold it. It is a little bit tough and long lasting Karaoke Machine for kids or preschoolers.

  • This is the ideal Kids Karaoke Machine for small kids as its name entails and is a wonderful and sturdy product which is competent of enduring slump once it goes down without anguishing any harm in the product.
  • Fisher Price Music Player not only plays the famous tracks of songs design such as MP3, WMA etc., but these are hundred percent well-matched with personal computers and others. If there is a need to move any song from it, a person requires a USB wire which is already comprised in the toy box and one can stock up around four hours of song collections
  • The control over this karaoke machine is trouble free and simpler to use, which is an excellent thing because small kids are going to use machine.
  • It comes with an acoustic capacity, so that parents are able to maintain the music from getting excessively noisy and the battery of the machine is long lasting.
  • This music player for Kids accessible with attractive and fresh aspects will surely make kids experience similar to actual musician. There is a double mouthpiece device, so that one can attach an additional microphone and sing along with their children.
  • The company named Fisher-Price has created entire characteristics for extremely small children. It traits a simple grasp knob to create it trouble-free to go with and effortless runs and big keys. The dual supreme class, inbuilt amplifiers allow the kid to allocate their beloved songs with supplementary features.
  • The setting up of fisher price kid tough was amazingly quick and unproblematic just like the conventional mp3 player so as to plug in one’s PC to uploading songs.
  • Kid tough music player is accessible with five children songs comprised in it and is able to store approximately four hours of songs in it and it also has LCD on the frontage of the music player to allow the kids to understand which music they are using with the heading and numeral of the song.

If a child loves music and musical instruments, such kids will surely fall in love with the kind of musical and unique toy and the parents find such things a magnificent gift for their small kids, which is tough, durable, melodious and safe for the preschoolers. So, fetch music to their ears with a strong melody player which is specially planned for them only.