Hello Kitty KT2007 CDG Kids Karaoke Machine

Hello Kitty KT2007 CDG

Product Name: Hello Kitty Kt2007 CDG Karaoke
Brand: Hello Kitty
Model: KT2007
Weight: 6.9 pounds
Dimensions: 8.6″D 9.3″W 13″H
Color: White/Pink
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Updated:October 11, 2014.


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The word karaoke finds its origin from Japan. It is a kind of entertainment offered which is generally offered in clubs and bars. Amateur singers and dancers take the chance and dance or sing over a microphone. Karaoke machine for kids was first developed in Japan. A basic karaoke machine for kids has a music player, a microphone for the sound input, a pitch alteration system and an audio output. But with the advancement in technology, there are numerous changes done which added many features such as, sound recording and video recording as well. These days karaoke machine can be attached to personal computers and televisions for better audio and video results.

Hello Kitty Kt2007 CDG  is one such product especially designed for kids keeping in mind their enthusiasm and passion for dance and singing. This kids karaoke machine is very light in weight and weighs just 7 pounds which is extremely portable, light, easily manageable by kids. It costs only 70 dollars (app.) which is really worth after considering its features. Its height is 13 inches and width is 9.3 inches which is convenient for kids to carry it. There are very few karaoke machines available in the market which have in built video recording system. This feature makes it different and unique from other karaoke machines. This Karaoke machine for kids is made in an attractive and beautiful design in the shape of Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is one of the favourite characters of kids, especially girls. And this useful and interactive karaoke machine has come in the form of Hello Kitty which will be certainly liked by little girls.

Apart from sound recording and video recording systems, Hello Kitty Kt2007 CDG kids karaoke machine comes with many more advanced features like it can be connected to any other display device like monitor or television for one’s individual and particular choices. This product gives the option to choose from any three viewing type, like it can be viewed in compact disc graphics (CDG) images, include oneself in action when the image is captured by video camera which is in built in Hello Kitty Kt2007. Normal controls like forward, skip and back controls are also available when playing through compact disc player or CDG image. There are two 6.3 mm jacks for microphone including the holder, one microphone is provided with the product. There are amazing sound control systems which efficiently controls the quality and intensity of the sound. Volumes like master volume, microphone volume its echo and automatic voice can be controlled by on and off switches. Two speakers of 2.5 inch size are in built with output power of 1.5 watt. There is also one 3.5 mm jack to connect any other audio device like iPods or mp3. The product also includes an ac adapter for providing power to the machine.