Hello Kitty CD Disco Karaoke

Hello Kitty CD Disco Karaoke Pink 66209

Product Name: Hello Kitty CD Disco Karaoke
Brand: Hello Kitty
Model: 66209
Weight: 5.2 pounds
Dimensions: 3.2″D 4.6″W 17.6″H
Color: Product Color
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Updated:October 12, 2014.


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The product Hello Kitty CD Disco Karaokle is a karaoke music system for kids as well as persons of all ages. It is a nice toy and good gift for kids. This sing along karaoke is both adorable and fun. Customer reviews have accorded 3.4 stars out of 5 in its favor.

Five patterns of the product are available in the market. These are Mini, Disco, Sing a song, iSing and Pink or White. The product is CD and G compatible, so it is very easy to read the lyrics on television. It gets operated on electric as well as batteries. Very attractive light show has been provided around the karaoke player. It also has built in radio and digital media input. Being operative with battery, it is quite portable in use.

The product is quite light having just 5.2 pounds weight. It is quite handy with 17.6x 3.2×4.6 inch dimensions. Manufacturer from China has fixed its age 7 to 15 years that is quite durable. One can put a karaoke CD or another favorite CD to enjoy the musical instrument. It is also available with microphone.

There is only one mic hookup. Microphone is not wireless and chord is not long enough.

Recommendations:It is cheaper and best buy as gift. Its radio sound and other sounds are quite good and the whole system is cute. It is compact and works like a charm. The product is definitely like other toys that are enjoyed by kids till they last. Have it for the fun for your kids.