Monster High Portable Karaoke

Sakar Monster High Portable Karaoke

Product Name: Monster High Portable Karaoke Machine – Pink (68148)
Brand: Monster High
Model: 68148
Weight: 6 pounds
Dimensions: 10″D 12″W 18″H
Color: Pink/Black
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Updated:October 12, 2014.


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When we become parents we want our children to put their best foot forward in life. We want to promote their creativity as well as want them to pursue new interest. Karaoke machine for kids does exactly this thing and gives the children a medium where they can play music and also sing along with it. This activity can be done by any child as the Monster High Portable Karaoke is very easy to operate, with well rounded edges. The controls are easy to understand and very easy to handle. The product has been designed in a manner that helps a child learn music and singing. There is provision of 5” monitor screen where a child can see the lyrics played on the machine, now this way both eyes and ears of a kid are involved in the learning process. The kids can see on screen details of lyrics till they are familiar enough, this makes the process of learning easy and also stimulates the curiosity of children.

Monster High Portable Karaoke comes with a microphone which can be plugged into one of the two slots given there and music can be started by selecting the source button on left-hand top, adjust the master volume for the sound output and adjust the microphone volume in the left hand middle to adjust the voice of the singer through microphone. One can also use two microphones simultaneously for duet singing or parents or friends of kid can also sing along. The unit also has advance automatic voice control and echo options, making it a very versatile product for kids as well as the parents or family friends; it can be an ideal birthday gift present which will fuel creative learning of the kid.

This portable karaoke machine has a front loading CD / CD+G player with programmable memory of up to 20 tracks along with output / input jacks for audio as well as video. It also has built in speaker which gives out sufficient sound without any problem. There is a balance control provided which can be used to have right output mix of music and voice of singer. Bright LED lights are there to highlight which programme or mode is selected by the user and also for power on indication. The unit does not require expansive batteries to run. Overall product is very good and a must buy for kids.