Singing Machine CDG Portable Karaoke Lightshow

Singing Machine CDG Portable Karaoke Lightshow

Product Name: CDG Portable Karaoke Lightshow
Brand: Singing Machine
Model: SML383YP
Weight: 6.8 pounds
Dimensions: 7.4″D 13″W 15.3″H
Color: Pink
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Updated:October 12, 2014.


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Singing Machine CDG Portable Karaoke Lightshow comes in charming pink colour in addition to microphone as well as 40 extra karaoke songs for children. This music system supports all kinds of CD, graphics, and it can be plugged into Television for watching scrolling lyrics right on your TV set. It also includes speaker balance, echo controller, and auto voice controller so as to give the best sound all time. It is light weight and hence can run on AC power or just eight batteries thereby providing young talents the ability of conducting road shows.


  • CDG Portable Karaoke Lightshow is one of the best karaoke machine for kids as it is portable and can be transported easily from one place to the other.
  • Its features disco lights as well as mega-bass sound that makes the experience completely enthralling.
  • It provides ultimate visual and audio experience.
  • It supports CD+Graphics and CD.
  • You can plug it to your TV set for watching lyrics scrolling.
  • It also features echo controller, auto voice controller, and speaker balance for giving perfect voice balance.
  • It requires only eight batteries for running and can work with AC power source as well.
  • 40 karaoke songs for kids and microphone are bonus features that come with this product.


This product is the best gift that you can give to your kids during their birthdays, Christmas, or New Year. It has volume controlling feature that will help to make your child’s voice sound like that of professionals. It assists in bringing forward the hidden talent of your kid that is in the field of singing and stage performance.


Though this product is not having many drawbacks, but the major one includes lack of batteries and sturdy volume control. At some occasions the volume controller works fine whereas at some occasions it stops functioning. The product doesn’t provides batteries hence you need to invest little extra amount for purchasing them.

Customer Reviews:

There are customers who have reported that this karaoke machine for kids was gifted by them to their children and they loved it. Due to its features and excellent functionality, this product has been given 4 out of 5 stars by maximum users.


Individuals can purchase CDG Portable Karaoke Lightshow from various online sites and it would cost much. So what are you waiting for, discover the hidden talent of your kid by gifting them this wonderful music system.