Unique Kids Sing along Portable Player

Kids Portable Sing Along CD Player

Product Name: Kids Portable Sing Along CD Player
Brand: Kidzlane
Model: 310
Weight: 2 pounds
Dimensions: 4″D 11″W 10″H
Color: Red/Yellow
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Updated:October 11, 2014.


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This portable sign along CD player is like a mini-karaoke as it only weighs 2 pounds and is so easily portable so you can even take it on holiday with you. It comes in bright colors so it is very attractive to look at.

Because it is designed for very young children it is very rugged and well made. Kids can drop it, knock it over, push it or pull it and it remains undamaged, the CD doesn’t even skip.

The sound is really good quality for such a small machine and it is the answer to every mother’s prayer when she has a small child she has to keep amused all day. It comes with two microphones so you can have a duet!

Improves Confidence

A lot of pre-school and nursery school groups include music, dancing and singing in their classes as it helps a young child to be more social and improves their confidence. Having one of these Sing Along CD players from an early age will achieve the same at home.

Having two microphones is a great idea because friends can form a duo and it will also teach a kid to socialize and learn to work with other children.

Better than the Television

Having this karaoke machine for kids is so much better than sitting them down all day in front of the television watching cartoons. Children often sing to themselves before they can even talk now they can do it to the accompaniment of the CD.

It also has a rare feature not often found in karaoke machines for kids you can play music from MP3 players on it as well as CDs.

A Babysitter’s Nightmare

If the parents go out for the evening it is the babysitter’s nightmare trying to keep a young child entertained if it won’t go to sleep, this is where this kids portable CD player with microphones comes in.

So light and easily portable it can be carried up to the child’s bedroom and they can sing together before the kid falls asleep. A relaxing lullaby works every time.

There is only one problem with these portable CD players, but it is a safety element so the manufacturers could not do much else. It is quite tricky to insert the batteries as you have to remove four tiny head screws to open the battery cover to put the batteries in the machine so you need a very small screwdriver and have to make sure you do not lose the screws.

It is fun for everyone at a Birthday Party.

Being so portable it can be taken to parties anywhere. But it does not have to be used just for singing. It can be used as a CD player or in the game of forfeits the child might pay by singing a song or you can have a Pop Star competition with a prize for the winning pair.


  • Strong rugged machine
  • Very good quality sound
  • Anti-skip player
  • Two microphones
  • On/off switch
  • Attractive to look at.
  • Plays CDs and music from MP3 players
  • Built-in CD holder
  • Attractive to look at


A bit of feedback from microphones

  • Volume can get a bit loud
  • A bit tricky inserting batteries