Memorex Karaoke: The Underdog

Subject: Memorex Karaoke System
Brand: Memorex Karaoke
Memorex Karaoke Products

Technology and pricing. There’s a tough concept.

The average Joe doesn’t know exactly what’s going on inside his computer, TV, or air conditioner. Companies try to sell high-priced items by listing all of the technological advantages they have over their competitors, but, unless you have knowledge in that industry, it’s almost impossible to tell if those differences really matter.

Then, there are the companies who produce quality products but don’t advertise. Instead of having to charge more to cover their advertising costs, they just make the stuff and let the consumer decide.

Memorex is one of these brands

They produce an astounding number of products, from flash drives, to computers, all the way to karaoke systems. We’re going to be talking about Memorex karaoke systems.

A quick comparison – Memorex & Beats

Almost everyone has heard of Beats by Dre. You might have even heard them involuntarily – the wearers of them are notorious for letting them hang around their neck with the volume turned all the way up.

Beats by Dre isn’t a brand equivalent to Memorex. In fact, the headphones cost less than $20 to make – the consumers pay $100+, though, because of the ridiculous amount of advertising that they do.

Sennheiser is to headphones as Memorex is to karaoke. They do very little advertising. Their products are the same quality as the expensive options, but because of their lower costs, they can sell them for a lower price point.

Don’t confuse cheap with bad

Memorex karaoke has positive reviews all across the board on Amazon and Walmart. So what?

Plenty of products have good reviews, but very few karaoke machines have good reviews.

Do a quick search. As you can see, the Memorex brands are all up top, whereas other brands – even the recognizable ones – are all hovering in the three to four star range.

What you should be looking for:

  • 1. Durability – lots of karaoke machines work well for a couple of months, but then, the sound quality begins to drop off. They might even break outright. Always look through the reviews to see if anyone says anything about durability. Even if the product is fantastic, it’s not much use if it breaks right away.
  • 2. Sound quality – it’s not like having a good voice is a prerequisite for singing karaoke. No matter the quality of your voice, you want the quality of your sound to be on point. Who wants to hear themselves crackling into the mic?
  • 3. Return policy – Karaoke systems are always much cheaper when you buy from an independent seller rather than the company directly. Make sure that the seller has an iron-clad return policy in case you don’t like it for any reason.

How Memorex hits all of these points ^

  • 1. The karaoke machines from Memorex are durable… plain and simple. That’s their main selling point.
  • 2. The machines sound good, and Memorex always prices them according to sound quality. Even their cheapest version is pretty good, but as you increase price level, you will notice a substantial difference in how the music and your voice both sound.
  • 3. Most Memorex karaoke sellers offer a return policy because Memorex products rarely get returned.

Show me the systems!

Alright, let’s get right into it.

Most popular – Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2
Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2

Price: Click here to view

The SingStand 2 is an upgrade from their previous model, the SingStand 1.

At its core, it looks just like a microphone stand with a microphone in it. Don’t let the aesthetic design fool you – it packs a powerful punch.

Included is a smartphone dock. You plugin your device in, it charges, and, at the same time, it allows you to play any song from your phone. For other brands, the smartphone capability costs extra. With Memorex karaoke, it’s standard.

Quick question for you: when you see artists perform live, are they singing into a big box with a bunch of buttons on it?

Nope – they’re singing into just a microphone. If you look at other models in the same price range, they’ll just be one small unit with everything crammed together.

Memorex takes a different route and they put the buttons at the bottom of a mic stand. This means that they’re out of your way when you’re trying to sing, and, if you practice at it, you can even control them with your feet.

Overall, the SS2 is good if you are singing karaoke at one location – in the family room, etc. If you think you’ll be on the road with it, then you might want to look below at the portable design.

Portable – Memorex Portable Karaoke
Memorex Portable Karaoke Machine

Carrying around a clunky microphone stand is a hassle. The portable karaoke system from Memorex is extremely lightweight, easy to carry, and durable.

The only downside is that it only supports CDs. Really, this makes sense – no one wants to risk having the cord get pulled and their phone goes crashing to the floor.

It has all of the same audio controls as the Memorex SS2. Despite its tiny size, it has a lot to offer in terms of sound quality – it’ll sound infinitely better than your smartphone speakers.

While it’s portable, you can also use this Memorex system in one place. Just know that you won’t quite get the range that you’d get with a stationary unit. rel=”nofollow”>Check it out

And finally – Memorex old school unit
Memorex Karaoke System

Picture a karaoke set at a bar. Now, shrink that down about 10x, and you have the Memorex old school unit.
They don’t actually call it the “old school unit”, but the name is apt. It looks like an old karaoke system, except it’s much smaller and includes all of the modern technology that you’d expect a product from a brand like Memorex to have.

These models come and go – they’re quite popular. Check out the Amazon page to see if there are any left!

Accessories – worth it?

Plenty of people are buying karaoke systems to use by themselves. If this sounds like you, then you might be able to get by with just a base unit.
However, if you’re doing karaoke with friends or entertaining guests, then karaoke gets a whole lot more fun with the two following accessories.

#1 – Second Microphone

Think about playing video games. While it can be fun to switch off turns, at a certain point, someone’s going to get bored. On the other hand, if you have two controllers, you can keep playing until your fingers fall off.
It’s a similar concept with karaoke. Getting two microphones allows for two people to sing together. Singing together is exponentially more fun than singing alone, and, let’s be honest, singing alone can be intimidating. If you’re not a singer, going up and singing alone is like not being a comedian and being put on the spot to tell some jokes on stage.

#2 – Wireless microphones
You can get by with wired mics on Memorex karaoke systems, but they have their downsides. For one, they’re not pleasing to the eye – if your family room likes pristine, a few black wires running around can really kill the ambiance.

Wireless mics solve this problem, and they also allow you to get into the singing more. Without wires, you can go wherever you’d like (within a reasonable distance) and your voice will still boom through the speakers.

There’s also the issue of someone tripping over a wire. Most people are pretty good at avoiding obvious things like wires laying about, but when you start getting into it, anything can go wrong.

How to pick the right Memorex karaoke machine.

To start, think about your needs. Who’s going to be using the system? What’s the purpose of it? If you just need something for when you have people over for a dinner party, then the SS2 from Memorex might be best for you. On the other hand, if you have little kids who are going to want to sing in different rooms and even bring it to their friends’ houses, get the portable one.

As always, we recommend checking the reviews on whichever one you decide on. Make sure that the seller you’re buying from offers a refund policy; if they don’t move onto the next one. Memorex isn’t a brand like Nike where they restrict who can sell their products.

Where to buy

You are welcome to walk into any electronics store and check out the Memorex products, but the fact of the matter is that you’re going to get a better deal online.

Stores sometimes offer warranties… this is true. However, so do a lot of online sellers. And the online sellers usually have longer ones. You can browse through the sellers on the SS2, the portable, or the old school Amazon pages to see the different warranties included.

Good luck and get singing!