Memorex Portable Karaoke machine

Memorex portable karaoke machine

Product Name: Portable Karaoke Machine
Brand: Memorex
Model: 02671
Weight: 4.4 pounds
Dimensions: 9.1″D 9.1″W 8.7″H
Color: Blu
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Updated:October 14, 2014.


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As parents  wonder about what is best for their kids, and what is not. All of us want our children to be creative and learn things in their own way. Karaoke machine for kids is excellent choice in both ways, as it allows impressionable minds of kids to develop a likening for music and learn singing. Portable Karaoke machine by Memorex is designed in a way, which is easy to use and looks great at the same time. It has bright LED display and can also play CD, CD+G and CD+RW, thus enabling us to use a lot of choices. The product gives out clear stereo in high quality which is on par with much bigger audio systems.

To enable us to use microphone for karaoke, there are two input slots given and this product comes with single microphone, so kids can start using it for their creative learning as soon as it arrives. For output there is provision of both audio as well as video and RCA cords are included in the deal. The maker of this useful karaoke machine has tried to include everything one needs to use it without any problem. Cost wise this is priced very reasonable and is much better option for giving as a gift to children than the usual game consoles, which only harm in the long run.

The memorex portable karaoke machine for kids can be a very good tool to uncover their hidden interest in music and singing. The controls of the unit are easy to use and understand, without any risk involved as the unit runs on batteries. To invoke interest of kids and to introduce novelty the product comes with facility of addition of Echo voice control which lends a different quality to the voice of singer. It produces pleasant result on the line of expansive professional music studios where voice modulation is done with similar methods.

The portable karaoke machine by Memorex is well equipped and will be an ideal gift for kids, from which they can learn to sing as well as play creative games with their fellow children and unfold their interest in music and singing. At the same time it provides entertainment as and when needed, in fact it can be the highlight of birthday parties of the kids and their friends.