Monster High Karaoke Systems: The Good & The Bad

Subject: Monster High Karaoke Machine
Brand: Monster High Karaoke
Monster High Karaoke Machines
If you’re a parent looking for a karaoke system for your kid, then you’ll stumble upon Monster High sooner or later. In fact, you just have.

They’re one of the biggest karaoke companies out there. Their products cater to children specifically, and when a company has such a specific demographic, their products are going to show it.

Bright, fun, and captivating

Designing toys for children is a complicated task.

Let’s start at the beginning. The initial attraction is difficult – you have to create something that will instantly capture their attention. Parents know this – you can buy the coolest gadget for a kid, but if he doesn’t initially take an interest in it, then it’s very hard to get him to use it at all.

If your kid doesn’t immediately like it, then you (as a parent) showing interest in it can have the opposite effect that you want. Kids like stuff that their parents don’t. Clothing, music, whatever. You showing interest in it might make your kid not like it out of principle.

Monster High Karaoke is aware of this conundrum, so they design their products to be appealing to children. You won’t have to do any extra work – your kid will love the products immediately.

How do they do this?

Adults like sleek gadgets. Macbooks are clean, white, and smooth. Smartphones are the same. Adult clothing doesn’t usually display any prominent logos – if they’re there at all, then they’re subtle and sophisticated.

Kids are the exact opposite!

Shoes that light up. Crazy designs on t-shirts and athletic shorts. Crayons in ridiculously vibrant colors. The list goes on and on – when you think about it, kids like flashy stuff.

Monster High makes their stuff flashy, but they also add a theme to it – monsters. (The whole brand image is that these monsters go to a school called Monster High School.)

Kids enjoy weird stuff

Young girls like vampires. Young boys like pretending to be soldiers and killing each other. While we see our kids as completely innocent, you can bet that they enjoy things that aren’t so innocent.

Now, the Monster High brand makes toys for toddlers – not kids of all ages. Toddlers usually still believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny. Chances are, they believe in monsters, too.

How cool is it to sing along and pretend you’re a monster?

That’s why Monster High has had such immediate success in the karaoke market. Monster High also makes a whole bunch of different stuff – bed sheets, clothing, and dolls to name a few. Their theme is always the same, though – monsters. Kids love monsters.

Types of Karaoke Systems from Monster High

The Disco
Monster High Disco Party CDG Karaoke

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The Disco karaoke system by Monster High is unique in its aesthetics.

Instead of the normal setup – a box with a microphone coming out of it – this karaoke machine actually looks like a vanity mirror. Perfect for girls who want to sing while they’re doing their “makeup”!

Parents beware – although it looks like a vanity mirror in its structure, there are two big skulls on the front – one on the speaker and one on the volume dial.

If you don’t want to see a skull every time you walk into your child’s room, then you might want to consider a different karaoke system from Monster High that’s more subdued.

Speaking of subdued, when this thing is turned on, it’s anything but that. Lights flash everywhere. Kids will love it because it gets them amped up and ready to sing, but it’s not something that you could use in the car.

Monster High Portable Karaoke

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This version is a true karaoke set – just a speaker with a handle and an attached microphone. On this version, there’s only one microphone input, so while it’s very portable, it’s not great if your kid will be entertaining his or her friends.

Monster High Sing-A-Long Karaoke System

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This is the cheapest option available from Monster Karaoke.

The microphone is low quality, and the speaker sounds like the speaker of an iPhone.


It’s only $18.99.

As far as karaoke systems go, this one from Monster High is pretty much the cheapest. If your kid is bugging you for a system but you think he’ll grow out of it in a few days, then pick this one up.

Worst case scenario? Your kid loves to sing and you’ll have to upgrade. This one can become a backup in case he or she breaks the other one.

The All-In-One
Monster High all-in-one Machine

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Before you get ahead of yourself, make sure you’re aware that this system is the most expensive available from Monster High. It has a lot of bells and whistles, but it’ll run you just under $100.

It looks a lot like an old school arcade game. The screen at the top displays the lyrics and notes, and there are two dials on the side to control the volume and sound effects.


  • Two microphones included
  • Full 5” screen displaying the lyrics of the song playing
  • Completely customizable audio and effects
  • Mic holder, smartphone dock, and lengthy power cord
  • 20 track memory (for 20 different songs)

We’d recommend getting this one if you know that your kid likes to sing and he or she is going to use it frequently. If they’re not so into it yet, then we’d recommend sticking with one of the cheaper options above.

It’s like if your child wants to play video games – it’s smarter to start him off with a fun, simple iPhone app than it is to immediately purchase him a brand new Xbox One for $500.

Criticisms of Monster

All brands have their naysayers, even the ones that are considered “honest”.

Monster High is a huge player in the kid’s karaoke market, and all of their products on Amazon have a couple hundred of reviews each. I’ll pick out the best and the worst for you – you can take a look at all of them and use your own judgement. It’s always good to do your own research, anyways.

Shoddy craftsmanship

A few reviewers for each of the systems claimed that they were too fragile and broke easily. While this may be true, something to take into account is the target demographic of the karaoke systems. They might be fragile… but at the same time, the parents saying that they’re fragile might just have kids that love to break stuff.

These reviews are relatively unsubstantiated – while it’s unlikely that the reviewers are lying, it’s entirely possible that the machines are high quality and their kid just dropped it on the floor or something.

Skulls and crossbones

The selling point of Monster High is that it’s non-conformist. Instead of getting a girly karaoke system, the monster high ones have, well, monsters on them.
If your kid is into that, then get him a Monster system. If he isn’t – or you, as a parent, aren’t – then get a different brand.

Different strokes for different folks. It’s as simple as that.

On the flip side, there are plenty of reviews saying that their kids loved the monster theme and it made them interested in it immediately.

Karaoke – even worth it?

Some parents are on the fence regarding karaoke – while kids seem to enjoy it, it’s loud, and bellowing into a microphone might not be the best way to go if the child is already displaying behavioral problems.

Singing can’t really be controlled, though. Your child is going to sing whether or not he has a microphone along with it or not.

Karaoke is a great way for kids to show their feelings and explore an art. Sure, your kid isn’t going to sound like a professional right away, but almost all famous singers have started from a very young age.

It takes time to get good at something, and buying your kid a Monster High karaoke system is a great way to mix fun with the arts.

Wrapping up – the appeal of Monster

While there are higher quality karaoke systems out there for a cheaper price, Monster High has a few things going for it.

  1. The units are “cool” and appeal to kids
  2. They all come with a microphone and a track list
  3. They’re dead simple to use

Past a certain age, your kids are going to grow up and not want to do everything with their parents. While the complicated karaoke systems might be too much for someone in the range of 5-10, Monster High combines the usability of a toddler one with the quality of a professional one.

Pick one up from Amazon and see if your kid likes it. If he’s into it, keep it, or, even better, upgrade to a more robust version. If he ends up hating it, no worries – Amazon will accept any return within 90 days for any reason whatsoever.