An Advance Portable Emerson Karaoke MP3 Lyric Player

Emerson Karaoke MP3 Lyric Player SD511SC

Product Name: Karaoke MP3 Lyric Player SD511SC
Brand: Emerson
Model: SD511SC
Weight: 4 pounds
Dimensions: 7″D 9″W 12″H
Color: Black/Silver
Reviewed by
Updated:October 14, 2014.


A MP3 lyric player portable karaoke with 50 songs, a three inch lyric screen, and an SD slot is a great addition to your kids’ electronics collection. Emerson karaoke MP3 Lyric Player is portable and light weight for ease in taking along wherever they go. It measures 9 x 12 x 7 inches and weighs just 4 pounds. Powered by an ac adapter for indoor use, it can also be used away from power sources with the dual option of 3 size C batteries for user convenience. The 3 inch lyric screen is designed for mp3 karaoke. Other useful features include:

  • iPods/ Zune /MP3 USB Charging Slot
  • Personalized player cradle built in
  • Secure compatible digital card slot for MP3 & IPod
  • Alarm clock including time and date functions
  • 100V-240V ac adapter

What consumers had to say about the product

The majority of customers found that this unit gave it a high rating. These are their opinions. The player is great entertainment for the kids and adults as well. It can be plugged into a stereo or other amplification system for DJ use at parties. Not a top of the line machine, but definitely a good value for the price. It’s easy to add more MP3 songs to the 50 that are already included. It features good auxiliary connectivity options for use with iPod/MP3 player, good sound quality, with control on the system and would recommend to others.

For those who know how to convert MP3s to MP4s, there are endless options for music. Great tech support from Emerson as broken microphone replaced very quickly with no hassles. Two microphone jacks make it possible for two singers to use together. Extra songs can be purchased on the Emerson website.

Users who were displeased commented that the unit was smaller and lighter than anticipated. There were issues reported with set up and operation, and it was difficult to convert MP3 songs into the required MP4 format. No instructions included and the addition would make it more user-friendly.


The Emerson Karaoke machine SD511SC is lightweight and portable. Dual power source makes it easy to use in a car or anywhere that electricity isn’t available. Good options for adding more songs for those who know how, two microphone jacks make it easy to add an additional microphone, and the plug and play format allows for upgrading the microphone. Excellent customer service for addressing any issues that arise, good sound quality and the auxiliary jacks make it easy to plug into amplification devices.


No volume control on the microphone makes the voice louder than the music, outdated selection of pre-loaded songs, display is too small and difficult to read, lack of instructions make set up and operation difficult. User must have knowledge of MP3 to MP4 conversion to add songs. Standard SD cards do not work with the machine; users must purchase special cards from the company that is more expensive.


This machine received positive reviews in general. Although some of the customers had negative experiences, there may be outstanding reasons such as high expectations that are more appropriate for more expensive units, not knowing how to operate the equipment and personal preference as the product may not have been a good fit for them. Overall, the review of this karaoke machine is positive and many users reported that they would not only purchase additional systems for gifts, but that they would recommend it to others.