Emerson SD513 Karaoke MP3 Lyric Player

Emerson SD513 Karaoke

Brand: Emerson
Model: SD513
Weight: 4.4 pounds
Dimensions: 10.9″D 15.6″W 10.9″H
Color: Black/Silver
Reviewed by
Updated:October 10, 2014.


Emerson SD513 Karaoke MP3 player is perfect for gift giving and receiving. It features a dual powering system that uses electricity when at home, or batteries for traveling fun. Kids learn how to sing by following along with the words that are provided on the display screen. They also gain great memorization skills in the process. Words can be enlarged by jacking this system into a TV. The unit is portable and lightweight for easy storage and transporting. Other features include:

  • digital card slot that is compatible with MP3 and iPod
  • Built in personal player cradle
  • USB charging slot for other devices such as smart phones, iPads, iPods and MP3 players
  • Alarm clock including time and date functions

Customer reviews

Most people who used and reviewed this product reported that they were highly pleased with it overall. Here is what they had to say. This machine is great because it comes with some songs and it’s easy to add more MP3 songs to the list. If you want to make it louder, you can jack it into a TV set or stereo systems for great results. The auxiliary ports make it good for connectivity using devices such as MP3 players, iPods or iPads.

There is a great option with this unit that makes it easy to add a second microphone for double the fun so two people can sing together. The kids love this machine, but so do the adults. It makes a great option for the entire family to have fun together, taking turns singing their favorite songs. The technical support for this product is excellent as staff of Emerson is quick, professional, friendly and highly responsive when there is an issue.

There were a few customers who gave negative reviews because the machine did not meet their expectations in terms of size and weight. They reported that it felt like a cheap and inferior product because they were expecting something larger and heavier. Some customers had difficulty in setup and operation of the system and commented that a set of thorough instructions should be included in the box.


Emerson Karaoke MP3 Lyric Player is durable, lightweight and portable for use outside of the home or classroom. The dual power source makes it convenient for taking along on long road trips. It comes with a selection of songs and more can be added. Two microphone jacks make it simple to add another so two people can sing at the same time. The auxiliary jacks make it easy to plug the machine into a television or stereo system for louder sound.


Some users have reported that they had difficulty adding new songs to the system. Others reported that the microphone could be better. The songs that are included are outdated for some users and compatible SD cards are more expensive.


Overall, the reviews for this handy little system were positive and many would recommend it to others. However, some users were not as pleased, because the unit failed to meet their expectations, but in general, the majority of customers, that this product is a great value for the price, and were pleased with its performance.