Fun for the whole family- SML 383P CDG Karaoke Player

Singing Machine SML-383P CDG Karaoke Player

Product Name: SML-383P CDG Karaoke Player
Brand: Singing Machine
Model: SML-383P
Weight: 6.8 pounds
Dimensions: 7.7″D 13.2″W 16.3″H
Color: Pink
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Updated:October 14, 2014.


Although Singing Machine SML-383P is a karaoke machine for kids it provides hours of fun for all the family. Gone are the days when kids settled for jelly and a conjuror for their birthday party. Now they want something far more sophisticated and the Singing Machine 383P karaoke player is the answer.

Very young children can use it before they can read song lyrics as they simply sing along to their favorite CD whilst older kids can plug it into the television and sing to the lyrics on the screen.

An unusual idea for a party is to hold your own X-Factor competition using this karaoke machine for kids with no upper or lower age limit. So you can have a four-year-old competing against her mom or dad.

The advantage of this machine is it works as a CD player when you are not using it for karaoke and little girls love the pink color. If you have a little boy who loves to sing there is no need to worry as you can get it in black as well.

You can use it anywhere!

If you are having a party away from home this karaoke machine for kids weighs just 6.8 pounds so it is very portable and the dimensions are7.7 x 13.2 x 16.3 inches so it will fit in any car.

Girls love being divas and trying to emulate their favorite singers so they will love taking center stage at their party. The disco lights will make them feel very grown up and there are built-in speakers and the machine gives you the ability to adjust the balance, echo and auto voice.

Although you do need batteries to use it freestanding anywhere, including out of doors, it will work without batteries when plugged into the mains. So there is no need to worry about the batteries running out in the middle of a party.

The two microphone jacks work independently with separate volume controls so it is possible for one kid to be a lead singer with two more sharing the second microphone to be backing singers.

Better than staring at a computer screen.

Most children sing holding a hair brush as a microphone sometime when they are growing up, they see a singer they like on television and try to copy them in front of the mirror. Now they can have the Singing Machine in their bedroom and practice singing to their hearts content.

It will build up their confidence, eliminate shyness and improve their singing voice, who knows where it might lead later in life and it is much better for them than sitting in front of a computer all day.

Some children find it hard to make friends but with this karaoke machine for kids the ice will soon be broken and it is a very inexpensive way of entertaining your kids school friends. The machine is good value for money and will last for a long time.

There is no means of recording on the machine but you can record your children singing using another device. Neither can you play music from iPods on it, only CDs but there have been no complaints from children who have received them as presents.


  • Specially designed for kids
  • Built-in disco lights and speakers like a grown-up karaoke machine
  • Two separate microphone jacks with their own volume controls
  • Video output to sing lyrics off television screen
  • Can be used as a CD player when not singing karaoke
  • Provides lasting fun
  • Looks attractive


  • Sound is not the best quality
  • The device is a bit flimsy, especially door for loading CDs