Singing Machine SML283BK CDG Karaoke Player

Singing Machine SML283BK CDG Karaoke Player

Product Name: Singing Machine SML283BK CDG
Brand: Singing Machine
Model: SML283BK
Weight: 3.9 pounds
Dimensions: 4.1″D 9.1″W 9.9″H
Color: Black/Pink
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Updated:October 12, 2014.


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Singing Machine SML283BK Karaoke Player is one of those rare and exceptional finds when it comes to karaoke machine systems for kids. Why is that? The answer is very clear to anyone who reads the product description and all of the awesome reviews from very satisfied parents everywhere who simply speak very glowingly about this fantastic karaoke system that is truly eye-catching, as well as, heart-catching for boys and girls of all ages. Music is a fun way to express one’s self and there are plenty children who do love to sing out there. The Singing Machine SML283BK will give them this and a whole lot more. This is because it is equipped to deliver when it comes to song and for singing purposes on all fronts. It’s very special features make it a more than sturdy complete karaoke system that is also 100% kid friendly in all the ways that a fine karaoke system should be the most.

Here are some of the amazing features of the Singing Machine that do sing in their own ways. They are as follows:

  • Very attractive and portable CDG Vertical Player With Disco Light Effects
  • Comes available in two very nice colors of Pink and Black that are awesome
  • It has a LED two digit Display
  • 2 Adjustable Volume Control Microphone Hookups
  • Perfect Balance, Auto Voice, And Echo Controls That Get The Job Done
  • Top of the Line Attached Speakers
  • A very high quality Microphone Attachment

What makes the Singing Machine SML283BK so wonderful is clear. It has kid use written all over for lots of fun and adventure where the world of karaoke and music do come together as a very successful duo to give both boys and girls lots of fun and contentment for hours on end. Children will never get bored with this top of the line karaoke system that can allow them to do a whole lot with singing and other musical things. This truly amazing product will be an amazing force of recreation in any kid’s life. This is especially true if him or her does adore singing and sharing music with family and friends on the average. A kid who loves song is a kid that will never go wrong with this truly innovative and affordable karaoke solution for all sorts of singing escapades and sessions that he or she does set up by using it regularly for fun, education, and play.

What are other customers saying about the Singing Machine SML 283BK? The answer is simple. Parents everywhere do love this unique and very simplistic karaoke system for their youngsters. This is because it literally gives a lot of these kids an endless outlet when it comes to song and creative expression. Kids who do love song will genuinely cherish this karaoke system. We have done our research to see why parents are indeed singing the praises of the Singing Machine SML283BK. This is because it is a one of a kind and very nice kind of karaoke system that is cheap in price and very kid durable nice. It is a top of the line kid-karaoke system that is simply divine!