Top Karaoke Machines For Kids To Consider

Last Update: July 29, 2015.
Top Karaoke Machine For kids
For those of you who have children like me, you know about the daily struggle of trying to keep everything that’s inside of your house in one piece.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, but let’s be real – they break a lot of stuff. Dishes, furniture, electronics, whatever – you name it and they can probably break it.

And this is only amplified when our kids are full of energy. When they’re ready for a nap, they probably won’t be breaking much, but if they’re full of energy and singing along to karaoke with their friends? Well, let’s just say that the probability of something getting broken goes way up.

I’ve taken the time to review the top 7 karaoke machines for kids. My little ones are natural singers (not sure where that came from, considering I myself have a tin ear) and they love karaoke. I have a couple machines of my own, and my friends with kids also own some.

Between my personal experience, the experience of those around me, and the reviews of parents on the internet, I’ve compiled a bulletproof list for any parent looking to buy a karaoke machine for their kids.

Top karaoke systems for kids

#1Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2 Home Karaoke System
Memorex sign stand 2
Price: Click here to view on Amazon
Let’s start first with the biggest bang for your buck. While every parent likes to buy their kids toys, a lot are hesitant to splurge in case it gets broken – including me!

The beautiful thing about this Memorex karaoke machine for kids is that it’s cheap and gets the job done. Is this going to impress someone who’s been singing karaoke at home for years? No, it’s not, but it’s perfect for kids who just want to have fun.

The only issue I had with this karaoke system is that the sound doesn’t travel too well. Don’t get me wrong – it’s an incredible piece of equipment for under $70. That being said, if you have a big living room, then you might want to look at a slightly more expensive model. I originally upgraded because this one gave a “hollow” sound in the larger house that me and my family moved into. It was fine for my smaller condo, though.

I upgraded to the…

#2Akai KS808 CD+G Karaoke System with Speaker Pedestal
Akai KS808 CD+G Karaoke System
Price: Click here to view on Amazon
This one will take a larger chunk out of your wallet, but if you have a family that’s into singing, it’s well worth the extra money.
Here’s why:

  1. It comes with an extra microphone. This might not seem like a big deal to some parents, but my kids love to sing along with their mommy. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a karaoke machine for kids, but singing on it is fun for adults, too!
  2. It was super easy to set up. One of my biggest gripes with big items that you order online is that they come with complicated instruction manuals and all that. This one was easy and had pictures for me to follow along with.
  3. Record & playback. A lot of karaoke sets will allow you to sing, but you can’t do anything past that. This one lets you record your songs and play them back right after, which is a ton of fun!

If you know that your kids love karaoke already, go with this Akai model. If they’re just getting into it, then you might want to go with the Memorex option – #1 – or the Electrohome option that I’m about to show you below.

#3Electrohome EAKAR300 Karaoke CD+G Player Speaker System
Electrohome EAKAR300
Price: Click here to view on Amazon
A problem I ran into with option #2 is that it had to stay in one room. If the kids were having a sleepover, I couldn’t just pick it up and move it into their rooms. And I definitely didn’t want them running around downstairs after I had gone to sleep!
I opted to find a portable karaoke machine for kids, and the one I decided on was this model of the Eletrohome system.
Here’s why I chose it:

  1. It was the same price as my old karaoke system. I could easily compare the two to see which one was better in terms of sound quality and playback speed.
  2. It looked cool! I won’t lie; the aesthetic feel of it had a big effect on my purchase. My house is pretty old fashioned in terms of furniture and overall décor, so I didn’t want a bright pink system in the middle of all of that, you know?
  3. All of my questions were answered. On some of the Amazon pages, there are a lot of reviews, but no one has asked the questions that I need answered yet. There are 34 questions answered on this one, so I really got a feel of the specifics of it.

My review? Well, honestly, the sound quality wasn’t quite as good as #1. However, the durability of it shocked me – I knocked it off of a table one morning (before I had my first cup of coffee, mind you) and it didn’t break.

That alone was enough to make me love it! And I know that some of you out there have kids that love to knock stuff over, even if you’re not clumsy like me.

#4Barbie Karaoke
Barbie Karaoke
Price: Click here to view on Amazon
It’s always nice to have a professional karaoke system in the house for the kids, but what about the really young ones? If you have a kid between the ages of 2 and 4, chances are he or she won’t be able to figure out one of the above karaoke systems without you helping him or her every time.

The fantastic thing about the Barbie karaoke system is that it’s kid-friendly. Even young kids can use it.

And seeing as it caters to young kids, this thing really is bulletproof. Obviously, you can’t dump a glass of red wine on it and expect it to hold up, but for the typical toddler things – hitting it, dropping it… heck, even biting it – it’ll hold up without an issue.

It’s lightweight, too. Unlike the other systems, I could just toss this thing in the suitcase if we were going on a trip and have no problems whatsoever with it.

The only downside is that it’s a little bit more expensive than other, similar options – there’s a reason for that. It’s made by Barbie, and for those of you who have little girls, you know how much they love Barbie. The name alone tacks on a few extra dollars, but the enjoyment they’ll get out of pretending that they’re a singing princess is priceless.

#5Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player
Singing Machine SML283BK
Price: Click here to view on Amazon
Maybe you want a cheaper version of the Barbie Karaoke system that’s still girly. Well, if that sounds like you, then this option from Singing Machine is a pretty safe bet.

It’s a little bit bigger than the Barbie Karaoke system, but it has a sturdy handle for carrying it around. That kind of makes it seem like a boom box, and while the younger generation probably doesn’t even know what a traditional boom box looks like, it makes me feel all nostalgic when I see them carrying it!
The good news is that it’s almost half the price of the Barbie one. Good for those on a budget. It has free shipping, too.

#6VTech – Learning Tunes Karaoke
VTech - Learning Tunes Karaoke
Price: Click here to view on Amazon
One of the easiest ways to get your kid to learn new things is to have him learn while he’s doing the things he loves.
Often, this comes in the form of board games (like Trivial Pursuit) or a learning video game, but in this case, kids can learn in the form of song.
Instead of a traditional karaoke system where you load your own music, this one comes with a pre-loaded list of educational songs. The songs will help your child learn spelling, rhyming, counting, phonics, and a whole lot of other things.

The main age group that will enjoy this karaoke machine for kids is kids that are in preschool. They can go to preschool, come home, and continue learning while doing one of the things they love!

Don’t be concerned that the learning will turn off the fun. After doing a bit of research on Amazon by reading the reviews, it’s clear that kids love it, even if they are learning at the same time. (Just don’t tell them that!)

Looking further at the reviews on Amazon, it’s clear that this one is incredibly easy to use. Almost all of the reviews talk about how the reviewer’s child was able to set it up by himself with no assistance whatsoever.

That’s definitely a nice feature for those of us who need a little relaxation time at the end of the day.

#7Electrohome EAKAR535 Portable Karaoke CD+G/MP3G Player Speaker System with 3.5″ Screen
Electrohome EAKAR535 Portable Karaoke
Price: Click here to view on Amazon
This version of the Electrohome is basically the one I described earlier (#3) but with a few more features.

To start, it has a screen. While this might not seem like a big difference, it definitely helps to hold your kid’s attention. The notes pop up on the screen, too, so it’s easier for them to sing along.

Another perk of this Electrohome karaoke system for kids is that it has two microphone connections instead of just one. Let’s say that you kid has a friend over – they can both sing along at the same time so that neither of them feel left out.

If your child is just getting into karaoke, then you’ll probably be all set with the $69.99 version. However, if your child has been doing it for a while or you need to entertain multiple people at the same time, you might want to take a look at the $99.99 version.

Luckily, both of them have free shipping and no questions asked returns through Amazon, so if you buy it and then feel like it’s not good enough, you can always return it.

How to save $10 – $50 on each model above

Buy them used!

Now, let’s be honest here for a second – a lot of the time, buying used for children is a big risk. Like I’ve said a million times in this post already, kids break stuff easily, and used stuff gets broken faster!

That being said, there are some serious discounts for each of the models above if you buy it used. I wouldn’t recommend buying a used karaoke machine for kids anywhere but Amazon. The reason being that Amazon lets you return anything for any reason – if you get it and it’s scratched, beat up, or not working properly, you literally just send it back in the same box it came in.

Benefits of buying used machines:

  1. They’re substantially cheaper! You can usually save 20% – 40% buying used.
  2. As long as you don’t buy one that’s been beat up by other kids, it’s very unlikely that your child will even be able to tell that it’s used. They all come with the original box and everything.
  3. If it works well but your child does break it, then you can buy another used one and the total cost to you will only be about the cost of one new one. For example, if you buy a used one that costs $90 for $55 two times, then you’re only paying $20 more than if you had just bought a single new one… which would have broken, anyways!

Bad parts about buying used machines

Since karaoke machines for kids are electronics, there are a lot of pieces in them that can degrade or just not work properly 100% of the time. The sound quality might be worse or the microphone might occasionally crackle – stuff like that.

Overall, though, I’d highly recommend buying used. I bought my first system brand new, and while it was great, I got the feeling that a used one would have done the job just as well. Children aren’t too wrapped up in sound quality.

Scroll up and click on one of the models I recommended – you’ll be able to see the used options by clicking the “Used” link right below the original price. Sometimes, Amazon even sells used ones themselves for a substantially cheaper price, which is nice.

Wrapping things up – karaoke, yes or no?

Look: you’re raising a kid here, and things can get loud enough without encouraging them to sing at the same time.

But getting a karaoke system has a lot of plusses, too. The main thing for me was helping my children do what they love. At this stage in their lives, they love to sing, so if I could help them with that, I was happy.

Sure, you might get a couple of headaches, and, honestly, your kid probably won’t sound like Frank Sinatra. One thing’s for sure, though – the beaming smiles and carefree laughter that came from my kids after singing their favorite songs on the karaoke machines that I got for them made it all worth it.